Assembly & Manufacturing in China

Set up shop in China. From import to production to sales.

When trying to sell products in China, many companies find that import regulations and transportation barriers are not only hard to overcome but also elevate the cost of their products & services. One of the best solutions is transferring part of the product assembly and/or manufacturing process into China – without losing control over IP and important work processes.
A trusted partner can guide you through process implementation, and help you create a safe and controlled manufacturing environment.

Here are three options that are designed to help:

Contract Manufacturing

You do not have to establish your own local production plant in order to start manufacturing in China. You can start out with a low-risk, light-commitment model called Contract Manufacturing. In this model, Asia Entrygate takes care of some or all manufacturing aspects for you – from component procurement and product assembly in China to QC and shipping. We treat your product design, intellectual property and trade secrets in full confidentiality.

The Contract Manufacturing model includes an initial assessment stage, in which a team of experts helps you assess the cost of purchasing local components for your products and adjusts the final design to local market needs. We can also assess the cost of manufacturing in China for full or partial assembly options.

You can rely on our Contract Manufacturing for as long as you need, until you decide the time has come to set up your own manufacturing facilities.

The Industrial Incubator

Want to move forward and set up manufacturing in China? You don’t have to go “all-in” at first. If you want to start on a smaller scale, Asia Entrygate’s Industrial Incubator provides a quick and cost-effective solution to initiate local manufacturing or assembly in China, in order to support sales in China. The incubator business model provides customized production and assembly facilities that allow foreign companies to set up a manufacturing site or assembly factory in China in a controlled environment and with on-site managerial support services.

Our incubator has proven to be very successful in building assembly lines for medical appliances, complex automotive components, energy-saving construction products, innovative food products, LED displays, electronic and electromechanical devices and more.

The Industrial Incubator – Key Applications:

  • Manufacturing entity registration, management, hosting control
  • Establishment and operation of production assembly lines
  • Obtaining manufacturing licenses all required certifications
  • Key staff recruitment, training supervision
  • QC processes set-up
  • Professional back-office support (HR Finance)
  • Supply chain support
  • Engineering and product localization support

Factory Set-Up

Want to take another step forward, and initiate a comprehensive and robust manufacturing operation? If you are ready for setting up a factory in China, our factory set-up services can really make a difference. Your chances of success are significantly affected by on-site project management and local government relations.

Asia Entrygate’s experienced local management team handles projects from the early fact-finding and government negotiation stages to construction supervision, equipment purchasing & assembly, employee recruitment, on-the-job training and supervision of key positions during and after operation commissioning.

Our factory set-up services include:

  • Site selection
  • Incentive package negotiation with the local government
  • Government relations
  • Procurement management
  • Localization of blueprints, plans, designs, etc.
  • Construction supervision
  • Equipment installation management
  • Financial management
  • Talent search and staffing
  • HR management
  • Local entity operational set-up and mentoring
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